MovieCaptioner creates line-21 Closed Captioning for Broadcast Television as well as Closed Captioning for DVD and Internet Based Media.

Already have transcripts and just need to add them as captions to your movies? MovieCaptioner will allow you to import the text as captions, making the job a snap! It will also import many other caption formats keeping the timecode intact. It’s a simple way to convert between captioning formats.

Make closed captioned movies for YouTube, iPhones, iPods, DVDs, and Broadcasting!

MovieCaptioner is quickly becoming the go-to software for captioning. It is being used by many government agencies such as NASA, NOAA, the Department of Homeland Defense, universities such as Penn State, Cal Poly, Ohio State, and Gallaudet, to name a few, and television show producers, such as MOTORZ TV and Southwest Expeditions Docuseries are using MovieCaptioner to create closed captioning for their television series.  Closed Captioning service providers are now beginning to use MovieCaptioner as well.

What are the benefits of bringing Close Captioning in house?

For starters a half-hour television broadcast on BetaSp can cost anywhere from $150-$300 to have it transcribed, timestamped, and encoded.
With MovieCaptioner not only can you do everything yourself but you can avoid the shipping cost of have to send media back and forth to a 3rd party vendor.
What if you had to make a last minute change to your video project? Could you imagine having to resend a new master and then having to pay for the same project twice?
With MovieCaptioner you have full control over quality and scheduling. No more delays caused by being at the mercy of someone else’s schedule.
MovieCaptioner is the most Affordable Close Captioning solution available.
If you are like most, you have discovered close captioning software to be anywhere from $3,000 – $7,000. MovieCaptioner is $99 all day, every day.

I already own MovieCaptioner and am in need of  CEA 608/708 DTV compliant captioning.

Etx Captioning has partnered with MovieCaptioner to provide a file conversion service to you.  We can take your MovieCaptioner project file and convert to anything you need.  Click here for more information.

I am a Close Captioning company.  How can Movie Captioner benefit me?

If you already own one of the more full featured closed captioning systems and if your needs exceed those of what MovieCaptioner is able to provide
(as in the event of CEA608/708 DTV Captioning) then MovieCaptioner makes an amazing second captioning system. Your assistant captioner can provide you with a transcribed/timestamped project file
that can be converted to a DTV compliant captioned file. Thereby saving you the enormous cost of having to purchase another $7,000 captioning system.